Apple Founder Steve Jobs Inspirational Story, Quotes

Apple Founder Steve Jobs Inspirational Story, Quotes

Steve Jobs Life Changing Story, Life Events, Everyone know about it

Steve Jobs first story is about connecting dots. He says about his story that within 6 months of enrolling in Reed College, I gave up my studies, but after 18 months of that I kept coming there somehow. So the question arises that why did I leave college. Actually, it started before I was born. My biological mother was a young, unmarried graduate student. And she wanted to give me someone else for adoption. But he had a desire that a college graduate should adopt me.

Everything was perfectly set and I was about to adopt by a lawyer and his wife that suddenly the couple changed their mind and decided that they want a girl. So at midnight, my parents, who were then on the waiting list, were called and said, “We have a baby-boy, would you like to adopt her?” And he quickly said yes.

Steve Jobs Motivational Story Second Part with Life Changing Education

After 6 months I did not see any value in this study. I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life, and how the college would help me in this. And above all I was going to spend the lifetime of my parents. So I decided to drop-out the college… and thought that would be good. At the time, all this was very scary for me, but when I look back, I think it was the best decision of my life.

As soon as I left college, the obligation to do the required classes over me ended. And I just started doing classes of my interest. It was not so easy. I had no room to stay, so I had to sleep on the floor in the room of friends. He used to eat from the money I got from returning the bottle of coke…. I used to walk 7 miles every Sunday to Hare Krishna Temple, so that I could eat food at least once a week. I used to like it a lot.

Steve Jobs Life Changing Story Third Part

Whatever I did in my life because of my curiosity and intuition later proved to be priceless for me. Let me give an example. At that time Reed College was probably the best place in the world where Calligraphy * was taught. Every poster, every single label in the campus used to calligraph beautifully with hands.

At that time there was no hope that I would ever use these things in my life. But after ten years when we were building the first Macintosh Computer, then I designed it in Mac. And Mac became the first computer in the world with beautiful typography. If I had not drop-out from college, I would never have had multiple-typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts on Macs, and since Windows copied Macs, these things probably wouldn’t have happened in any personal computer. If I had never done a drop-out, I would never have done those classes of calligraphy and then the fonts that are in personal computers, may not have existed at all.

Golden Moments of Steve Jobs Life

Of course, when I was in college it was impossible to connect these dots by looking into the future; But after ten years when I look back and see, everything is clearly visible. You can never connect dots by peeping in the future. You can connect dots just by looking at the past; Therefore, you have to believe that what is happening right now will somehow connect to your future. You have to believe in something or the other in your guts, in your destiny, in your life or in your karma. you have to believe in something… because believe in it that the dots will connect in the future.

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