Carlton Williams- Most Pushups 2,220 in One Hour

Carlton Williams- Most Pushups 2,220 in One Hour

50 Year Old Carlton Williams Most Push Ups in One Hour with 2220 Ramp up

Carlton Williams is the person who is from UK. He is 50 year old with the incredible push ups record. Carlton Williams has broken his own record for the Most push ups in one hour, after he performed an incredible 2,220 complete press ups at a gym in Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia. The 50 year old smashed his previous record of 1,874 reps that he achieved last year. With his three months hard training definitely paid off. “I didn’t really feel that much pain,” he said, “I got a shoulder injury. It was my my biggest problem … after a while you just get use to it.” 

Whilst the record took place in Australia, the construction worker is originally from Wales. And claimed that he was attempting the record to “prove for once and for all. Carlton attempted the record under the gaze of a crowd of encouraging spectators. They were thrill to see the fitness-fanatic succeed. The clock did not stop at any point during Carlton’s attempt, and both his hands had to remain flat on the floor for the full 60 minutes. Doing the push ups, he had to lower his body until a 90 degree angle attained at the elbow.

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Carlton Williams has Broken World Record, With his Previous Own Record 1,874 Ramp ups

Official Guinness Record of 2,220 made by Carlton Williams from Wales UK. The feat was achieved on 25 July 2015 in Margaret River, Western Australia. He breaks his own previous record of 1,874 push-ups in an hour. As per the rules, Mr Williams was required to keep his hands on the floor. Besides it lowering his body until his elbows achieved a 90 degree angle for each push up. Although he briefly stopped to rest and catch his breath between reps, the clock did not stop.

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Top Athlete With Previous PUSH UP Records

Here are some other random push-ups in an hour achievements.

  1. Ged Musto recorded 2,467 press ups in one hour in 1995.
  2. Canadian Doug Prud did 1781 push-ups in one hour in 2005.
  3. Hooman Mosleh did 1020 push-ups in an hour which he believes is the most in the US.

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