How to Enjoy this lockdown with your family and friends…..

How to Enjoy this lockdown with your family and friends…..

Lockdown ideas, passing your time with Cheerful Mood with your family members.

If you are bore in Lockdown then we all have more time for each other and nature. There are many activities you can do at home. We thinks that our life only depends only our daily routine work, office and profession. We are so busy in our work and technology that we can not observe our attention on the nature. In the world there is a place where is totally silence and purity of environment, it is the place is our nature. You see the trees full attentive and pure mind they also breathing and a universal energy releases from their that energy you observe in your body as a Oxygen. Here we are talking some natural activities which you do daily life.

To play with the children with full ecstasy mood

We think that we are too big and to play any game is not our passion. Playing a game only for the little kids but it is our blind belief. You should play with the children for your physical fitness and your peaceful mind. To do so, it is the part of your exercise and you can also give your time to little children. There are many games and you can participate with the children in these games. Life is too short and you can have a cheerful happiness to do so.

Make calls with your friends and family relatives

In the life your success and your growth do not achieve your own’s effort but your friends and family members also cooperates in panic time. In the Lockdown you can cheer up with your old friends and family relatives to making a call them. You can make a prank call to give them a surprise. It is the best passing time option to remember your old sweet memories. You can also sit with each other and your family members and making fun your elders.

Keep water and Grains in the pot for birds

It is the scientific reason that any person who keeps some grain for birds then some Harmones relaxes in human body, which gives the peace of mind. In the Lockdown you can feed some grains for birds daily in the morning time and you will observe a natural sound of birds. They also have right to life as man on the earth. To do this activity you can pass 30 to 45 minutes daily.

To watering in the plants and Clean their weeds

In the modern era anyone has many plants at your home. In this critical time you can watering these plants. You can also clean their weeds. If you observer your mind these plants you will see that the leaves and flower nods of plants are moving slowly slowly. It is the energy of nature and you can observe it with the fragrance. Peaceful cool winds is blowing through green leaves and you are feeling these energy winds. To do so you can give your 30 to 45 minutes in this activity.

Take bath with the Children to pouring out water each other

We are too big that little happiness is disappearing in our life. If you see past five years and observe how many times you taking a bath your own children with full cheerful mind, hardly one or two times. But it is the time that you can go your childhood with small little kids. You take a bath with little kids in the full enjoyment mood without interfere and giving advises the children. Here you observe that a ecstasy happy child playing with you without any stress and anxiety. To do this activity you can also give 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Sitting with elder person and ask their life events

In the present busy life we are so busy that we do not have time for elders. But elder persons have more experience their life. If you ask them about their life then they will talk about this. They have a vital experience of up and downs their life. Now we are hustle in technology but their life depended on the letters, and without transportation. You will see that they uses as a transportation some animals like camel, ox etc.

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