Israel and Israel Flag, Amazing 10 Facts about Israel

Israel and Israel Flag, Amazing 10 Facts about Israel

Mysterious Lesser Known Facts about Israel and Israel Flag

Israel and Israel Flag both are amazing things in this world. With the extreme technology and Science it is one of the developed country. It has best strength of military power, weapons and other science and technology concept. It is located in eastern end of the Mediterranean sea. This is the county which bounded to the north by Lebanon, northeast by Syria.

This state is the only Jewish nation in the modern period and the region that now falls within its borders. It has a lengthy and rich history that dates from prebibical times.

Beautiful Flags of Jewish and Unknown facts

Israel’s beautiful flag seems so familiar, yet when it was adopted one fine October day generations ago. As well as, it was only after months of intense debate. Here’s the story behind Israel’s national flag and some facts about the hopes and hatreds.

NameFlag of Zion
UseNational flag
Adopted1897 (by the Zionist movement) 28 October 1948 (State of Israel)
DesignA blue Star of David between two horizontal blue stripes on a white field.

The 1948 Flag Proclamation describes the color of two wide stripes as dark Sky-Blue. However both are the same shade of blue. Jacob Askowith and his son Charles designed the “flag of Judah,” which was displayed on July 20, 1891.

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Israel Science and Technology Which Invented in First World

Sniff Phone – the device that can smell disease
ReWalk – a battery-packed ‘exoskeleton’
Pill Cam – a swallow able medical camera
Firewall – the original protection against malware
ICQ – the first global instant messenger
Disk on Key – the world’s first USB drive
Netafim – a desert-friendly irrigation system
Watergen – drinking water produced from thin air
Waze – a navigation device with a twist

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