Top 10 American Web Series……You Don’t watch with your family

Top 10 American Web Series……You Don’t watch with your family

Ten Adult streaming Web Series shows for Your Pleasure

If you have thrilling interest in the Web Series and adult shows then we are suggesting best Top 10 American Web Series. These streaming Videos and adult series you can see only in alone. You can also share these videos to your friends but not your family members. These Hot series are full entertaining and full of with curiosity and you will see that IMDb ratings also very wonderful these videos. Young adult shows break up your stress and reality for a little while. So take a trip with these thrilling popular young adult series with full enjoyment. We are suggesting World Top 10 Web Series for you and first is-

1. The Affairs- IMDb ratings 7.9, Total episodes 53

This Web Series creators is Hagia Levi and Sarah Treem and popular stars which created this wonderful series is Dominic WestRuth WilsonMaura Tierney. The Affairs Web series based on emotional effects of an extramarital relationship. In this Series Noah who is the Novelist and a teacher in the New York city affairs with the a young Waitress Alison. Alison tries to give a relax life to Noah with emotionally and physically.

2. Girls- IMDb ratings 7.3, Total episodes 62

Girls Streaming Series creators is  Lena Dunham and popular stars are  Lena DunhamAllison WilliamsJemima Kirke. You can see this series total 62 episodes. This series about is odd how much controversy surrounds Lena Dunham and her ‘Girls’, because she actually writes a common scenario in a very familiar way. This series shows four girls struggle to achieve their career.

3. Gossip Girls- IMDb ratings 7.4, Total episodes 121

Gossip Girls TV web series popular creator is Stephanie SavageJosh Schwartz and popular stars are  Blake LivelyLeighton MeesterPenn Badgley. This series based on beautiful blonde girl Serena and Blair Waldorf who is boyfriend of Serena. Nate Archibald is Blair’s boyfriend and he has emotional attachment with Serena.

4. Trinkets- IMDb ratings 7.1, Total episodes 20

Trinkets Video series creator is Amy AndelsonEmily MeyerKirsten Smith and popular stars are  Brianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira, Quintessa Swindell. This series focuses three adult girls who meets in shoplifters. You can see these Web Series on Netflix. Trinkets dubbed in English language with the total 20 episodes.

5. The L Word- IMDb ratings 7.6, Total episodes 70

The L Word web series creator name is Michele AbbottIlene ChaikenKathy Greenberg and popular stars who created this wonderful series are  Jennifer BealsLeisha HaileyLaurel Holloman. Above all this The L Word describes the lives and love of lesbian friends. Jenny, is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago and she falls with her lesbian friends.

6. Lip Services- IMDb ratings 7.4, Total episodes 12

Lip services web series creators is Harriet Braun and popular stars are  Fiona ButtonHeather PeaceJames Anthony. Further TV shows narrates about the three women who lives with each other. Besides it Frankie who is the photographer comes with the three women and falls in the love with them. Story show the emotional love attachment of Frankie.

7. Outlander- IMDb ratings 8.4, Total episodes 80

Outlander web series creator is  Ronald D. Moore and popular stars are Caitriona BalfeSam HeughanDuncan Lacroix. In short Claire Randall who is a combat nurse lost in a strange world. Further in this world she falls in the love of Jamie Fraser who is the Scottish warriors.

8. Scandal- IMDb ratings 7.7, Total episodes 124

Creator of Scandal web series is Shonda Rhimes and stars popular is  Kerry WashingtonDarby StanchfieldKatie Lowes. You can see this amazing series on the Hulu. In this amazing series Olivia is a professional ‘fixer’ who makes problems go away before anyone even knows they exist.

9. Shameless- IMDb ratings 8.6, Total episodes 134

Famous creator of Shameless web series is  Paul AbbottJohn Wells and popular stars are Emmy RossumWilliam H. MacyEthan Cutkosky. Fiona balances her sex life and raising her siblings. Every episode is another crazy situation that one or more of the Gallagher six get into. You can easily streams this video on the Netflix.

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10. Skins- IMDb ratings 8.2, Total episodes 61

Popular creator of Skins web series is Jamie BrittainBryan Elsley and creators are  Kaya ScodelarioNicholas HoultJoe Dempsie. Skins Web Series focuses on the British teens who are seeking for love. Sid tries to make everyone as a boyfriend. Above all, He is mostly manipulated by best friend Tony, whose girlfriend Michelle he is in love with.

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