A man without arms and legs Nick Vujicic most inspirational man biography, life.

A man without arms and legs Nick Vujicic most inspirational man biography, life.

When Nick Vujicic born, his parents refused to see him and to accept

If you think that your life is too struggle and problems of your life are too big then you are absolute wrong. There are many things that you already have but in this world there are many peoples who do not have the facilities who gifted you by God. We are talking a person Nick Vujicic who is an Australian motivational Speaker. Nick was born in the 4 December 1982 in the Melbourne Australia. His height is 3 feet and 2 inch and by profession he is a motivational speaker and teacher. He has total Net Worth 500 thousands U.S. dollars. On the birth time Nick was not a normal baby. He had no legs, no arms, only two toes which was too small.

Above all to see that Nick had not legs and arms his parent refused to accept from the nurse because he was not a normal baby. They thought that the Nick can not be survive in this world. Initially primary school of Victoria prevented to take admission of Nick in the age of 5 year. After some NGO’s request Nick admitted in the school but without limbs and legs he was tortured with many students. To this severe depression Nick committed to attempt suicide in the age of 8 year. But fortunately Nick saved himself by suicide.

Nick can write, he can use Computer, he can comb and play Drum pedals

After some time his parents adopted the Nick and his mother showed him an article about a woman who was also disable but she can do easily everything basic works of her daily life. Nick inspired with this woman and focused how can he write, how can he use computer and how can he works on his daily life. And practice makes a man perfect Nick succeed to do all work like as a common man. Now there is no work that Nick can not do on his own base.

In the age of 21 year Nick graduated from Griffith University with accountancy and financial planning. He married Kanae Miyahara and Nick have four children. In 2007 Nick started a motivational speaking company ” Attitude is Attitude” In 2010 Nick starred in the short film The Butterfly Circus and this film Nick was awarded for best actor.

Now you are thinking that your problems are more hustle then you will absolutely say No. There are many peoples in this world who do not have as things that you are. Think positive and results will be also positive. Be patient.

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