Arrogance, bureaucratic incompetence create crisis- The Australian

Arrogance, bureaucratic incompetence create crisis- The Australian

Arrogance, Hyper nationalism combined a epic crisis in India said The Australian Newspaper.

India Monday issued a rebuttal to an article published in newspaper The Australian on the country’s Covid 19 crisis. The article was originally published in The Times. Phillip Sherwell published this article with headline “Modi leads India out of Lockdown and into a Covid apocalypse arrogance”. Australian Paper reproduced this article with the title- “Modi leads India into a viral apocalypses”. However Indian Commission said that news is total baseless and such baseless news refrain from paper.

According to source The Novel Corona Virus disease has already affected over 14,85,90531 people all over the world. Meanwhile mostly case reported from India, USA, Brazil and Russia as on 26, April 2021. While some nation like China and South Korea have successfully been able to flatten the pandemic curve. In the absence of any definite therapy against Covid 19, the resilience the health care infrastructure are major factor as a result to spreading Covid 19.

Reasons of Increasing cases in India

Health experts and according The Australian Newspaper there are mostly reasons to surge Covid cases. Just a few short weeks ago, Indian government officials were patting themselves on the back. India was the pharmacy of the world and its cheaply vaccines would help end the Covid 19 pandemic globally. Therefore is the reason that shortage of vaccine affected health infrastructure of India. Most importantly official arrogance, hyper nationalism, populism and and ample dose of bureaucratic incompetence have combined to create a crisis. Apart from these political rallies and festivals congregations also increased the cases at large example West Bengal and Kumbh Mela.

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