Top 5 reasons to spread Corona Second wave in India and no spread in other countries

Top 5 reasons to spread Corona Second wave in India and no spread in other countries

What is the reason that other nations are safe but India suffering from Corona Second wave

In the world India at present right now suffering from highest Covid cases. Other countries and neighbor countries like as Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives almost all countries are in safe. But what is the reason that India have most affected by the Covid 19. In the media rumors are spreading that the surge of Corona cases reasons are Government unsuccessful efforts but is it reality. If the financial and health infrastructure is the one reason that why in the first wave in Covid 19 Indian tackles Covid pandemic with the proper way. There are several things about the Corona virus pandemic that are not understanding explained by the facts.

If you think that election rallies are the foremost reason to spread Corona then What is the reason that Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab and Karnataka are suffering from Covid surge cases. We are only assumption that the Kumbha Fair, Political rallies and other Government projects are contributing to spread Covid cases but reality is at on distance. These reasons are not factually explains the Covid Second wave in India. Now we comes on the scientific reasons and experts of WHO who explained the Covid surge in India.

Five reasons to Surge of Covid Second wave in India according to health scientists

  1. The first and foremost reason is the lack of “Covid appropriate Behavior”. According to WHO scientists, during past five months the adoption of mask was not universal, nor physical distancing was followed. It’s the big mistake of India after the first wave of Covid we take the Covid in light manner.
  2. Second reason is the “The Newer Variant and Mutation of Virus”. WHO scientists said that in the last few months India is the place where different type of variant of found across the world.
  3. Third reason is ” World faster changeable Virus variant B.1.617” found in India. If you see that in Maharashtra Covid cases are mostly infected with the B.1.617 virus. And it is the most faster transmitting virus in the world.
  4. Virus mutation not the same anywhere. IGIB head Anurag Agarwal said that in the Vitharb variant of B.1.617 are present but if we talk in the Mumbai there are no foremost cases of this virus. So it can be a reason that India has many variant of viruses that are different on different places.
  5. Five reason is Does India have enough medical infrastructure for its vast population. According to WHO scientists under investment in public healthcare is a long running issue.

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