Interstellar Movie and Black hole simulation scene…..Right and Wrong Explanation

Interstellar Movie and Black hole simulation scene…..Right and Wrong Explanation

Interesting facts about Interstellar movie scene Black hole

Interstellar movie released in 2014 and directed by  Christopher Nolan. Popular stars who gave a marvelous role in this movie, are  Matthew McConaugheyAnne HathawayJessica Chastain. This movie has a great ratings on IMDb with the 8.6 credit ratings and with the length of 2 hour 49 minutes. Interstellar movie original language English is and you can see this movie on Netflix, Amazon prime etc. Without a doubt this movie describes a group of space astronauts who goes to space to survival the human beings. Further all the earth’s live is danger, human beings are suffering from draught. So in these critical condition there is one option to go in space and save human life. This is the basic storyline this movie.

Brief Review of Christopher Nolan Interstellar movie

Movie NameInterstellar
RatingsPG-13, IMDb 8.6
Official LanguageEnglish
Director Christopher Nolan
Run time and Box office 2 hour 45 minutes, 188 million USA dollar
GenreAdventure, Action, Sci-fi

Is everything about black holes shown in Interstellar correct?

In the Interstellar movie a scene is shown of black holes to go in the space. It is mysterious theory of the black holes. Some critics think that the black holes everts which are appears in the movie, based on real human being life’s. But other critics review that it is the impossible to go black hole. The position and mass of black hole is so determined to balance the nearby galaxies in its place. Without black holes there is no survival chance for the visible universe.

In this movie scene Cooper jumps in the black hole but it is impossible with real life because a black hole does exist which is very huge. But it cannot be made for the movie scenes. And when Matthew or Cooper , the protagonist enters into the black hole it is not possible to survive it as it destroys everything. It’s impossible to survive in black hole because it generate mass of gravity and excessive heat. So we can see that in the movie, black hole incident is only fiction not a reality but we can consider the strength of Black holes from this scene.

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