How the China became The World’s powerful Economic hub

How the China became The World’s powerful Economic hub

In 1950 China was suffering from Civil war and in 2020 it became The world’s powerful economic hub

In 1950, When the Communist Party came into control of China it was very poor country. China was weaker in the economy in 1950 as comparison of India. There were no trading partners, no diplomatic relationships, they were relying on self sufficiency. Over the past 40 years, China has introduced a series of landmark market reforms to open up trade routes and investment flows. As well as in these years China abolished hundreds of million people poverty. In the 1950 on the time of Mao Zedong’s attempt to rapidly industrialize China’s peasant economy, but it failed. And it was the time that world largest 10-40 million people died between 1959-1961 in China.

But after the death of Mao’s death in 1976, reforms started by Deng Xiaoping began to reshape the economy. Peasants were granted rights to farm their own plots, improving living standards and easing food shortages. From the end of the 1970 onwards China economic has developed his economy with attractive reforms and powerful GDP growth.

How the China became The World's powerful Economic hub

China Success Reason only one to Ban Intellectual Migration

All the world thinks that China uses his best skill and proficiency in work and it became super powerful. But it is not true at all, however it is true that they have well skilled people but reason behind their success is to prohibit intellectual migration. Every county has some scientists, engineers and health workers who have extraordinary wisdom. China in 1970 banned the intellectual migration of people to develop his country. Their skilled person only works only for China and it is the reason that China became super powerful in economy. Above all, The World Bank says more than 850 million people been lifted out of poverty in China. And the country is on track to eliminate absolute poverty by 2020.

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