International Asteroid Day 2021 Theme, Poster

International Asteroid Day 2021 Theme, Poster

International Asteroid Day 2021 Theme, Poster, Images, Quotes and Drawing to create awareness about Asteroids and what can be done to protect the Earth: Asteroid Day, International Asteroid Day, or World Asteroid Day is observed every year on 30 June all over the World. This Day has got authority from UN general Assembly to observe since 2017. The aim of this day is to create awareness about, how asteroids are the part of human birth, how they can help us in exploring more about space science, and also about how they can destory us from this planet. We know, you must have a question, why this day is observed on 30 June? why this day didn’t observed on any other date? Let us tell you, On 30 June, in 1908 Tunguska event was happend, let us tell you deeply, Actually on this day in 1908, Russia left a missile in siberian area to destroy a 100 Meter Size Meteroid.

There was a very terrible explosion in the Siberia area of Russia. The explosion took place near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. It is said about the ball of fire that was raised from this blast that it was 50 to 100 meters wide. It had burnt to ashes about 2 thousand square meters of the area’s taiga forests in an instant. 8 crore trees were burnt due to the blast.

This explosion in Siberia 112 years ago was so powerful that the earth shook. The windows of houses in the town, located about 60 km from where the blast took place, were smashed. Even the people there had felt the heat emanating from this blast. Some people jumped and fell away.

Hey, if you want to create awareness among people and looking for Poster, Images, Quotes and Drawing, then here you’re at the perfect place, Use these “International Asteroid Day Poster, Images, Quotes and Drawing” to create awareness about Asteroids and what can be done to protect the Earth. Here we have also mentioned the Theme of International Asteroid Day 2021.

World Asteroid Day 2021 Theme

The Theme of the Current year, (2021) has not been announced yet. Last Year’s World Asteroid Day Theme was

Poster, Images, and Quotes

If the Earth gets hit by an asteroid, it’s game over. It’s control-alt-delete for civilization. – Bill Nye

“It’s much more likely that an asteroid will strike the Earth and annihilate life as we know it than AI will turn evil.”  – Oren Etzioni

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Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid. – Mark Twain

“A hybrid human-robot mission to investigate an asteroid affords a realistic opportunity to demonstrate new technological capabilities for future deep-space travel and to test spacecraft for long-duration spaceflight.” – Buzz Aldrin

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Despise the Lottery. There’s less chance of you becoming a millionaire than there is of getting hit on the head by a passing asteroid. – Brian May


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